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Townhall is a groundbreaking super app designed to redefine governance within the Web3 landscape, fostering community engagement, transparency, and decentralized decision-making.

Exciting Features

  • Shielded Voting: Safeguard your voting preferences with our shielded voting feature, ensuring privacy and security in every decision-making process.

  • Batch Signing of Proposals: Streamline proposal signing with our batch signing functionality, enabling efficient approval of multiple proposals in one go.

  • Follow Users: Stay connected with fellow community members by following their profiles, fostering collaboration and networking within the platform.

  • Badges: Earn recognition for your contributions and achievements within the community through our badge system, highlighting your valuable contributions.

  • Leaderboard: Track your progress and engagement levels on the leaderboard, competing with peers and gaining visibility for your active participation.

  • Custom Domain: Customize your Townhall experience with a personalized domain, reflecting your brand identity and enhancing user engagement.

  • Governance SDK: Seamlessly integrate Townhall's governance functionality into your applications with our Governance SDK, enabling decentralized governance across various platforms and ecosystems.

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