💡About Townhall

This documentation provides you with an overview of Townhall, its key features, and a guide on how to get started. Whether you are a DAO looking to create a House for your organization, or developing custom voting strategies, you will find the resources you need within this documentation.

What is Townhall?

Townhall is a social organization management super app designed for DAOs, DeFi protocols, and Communities. It enhances the governance experience by aggregating discussions , on and off chain proposals , treasury analytics and delegation. The modular infrastructure offers high customization options, and provides for a seamless multi-governance platform. Townhall results are easy to verify and hard to contest.

How does it work ?

The Townhall platform has Houses as the central gate to a protocol or DAO.

Features Overview

  • Discussions: Foster open dialogue and collaboration within your community through Townhall's discussion platform.

  • Onchain & Offchain Proposals: Streamline proposal submission and decision-making processes, both on-chain and off-chain, for efficient governance management.

  • Delegation: Empower community members to delegate their voting power and participate in decision-making processes effectively.

  • Treasury Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your treasury's financial activities and performance with comprehensive analytics tools.

  • Bounties and Grants: Encourage community participation and contributions through bounties and grants, facilitating growth and innovation within your ecosystem.

Video overview

Here's a video overview of our product:

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